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To Support the Interfaith Clergy A  Non-Profit

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Our Vision

We are an interfaith group committed to promoting unity and peace through service to all of God’s children.

Our Mission

Our unified purpose and commitment is to encourage and engage in faith-based initiatives and interventions in addressing various societal needs and issues – not for political or partisan interests, but in the spirit of positive, community-building activism toward (a) protecting human rights, (b) providing essential resources, and (c) promoting broad-based, shared responsibility – for the well-being of our neighbors and ALL  God’s children.

                                          Interfaith Clergy Core Values


       We know every person to be capable of engaging in transformation from our current culture.

  • We know we are all created uniquely and each of us is gifted.
  • We know our differences make us stronger.
  • We know we can accomplish more together than separately.
  • We know everyone is our neighbor.
  • We know creation is for everyone and is to be shared equally and equitably.
  • We know we need internal centeredness to do our work in the world.
  • We know everyone is approachable and reachable.
  • We know everyone is not on the same page on this journey of life.
  • We know everyone’s reality is their reality…we must work with that reality.
  • We know our best efforts are still not enough.
  • We know that educating ourselves throughout life is required to continue to grow as citizens.
  • We know everyone should be held in love.
  • We know that listening is powerful.
  • We know that change requires action.




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