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Faith and Racial Justice is a Committee of Interfaith Clergy Standing for the Community seeks to:

  • Create opportunities for people of faith to engage in meaningful conversations about racism and its impact on our community.
  • Encourage interfaith collaboration to inspire our county in matters of racial equity.
  • Create and maintain an exchange of resources regarding racism, its history and impact from our various faith communities
  • Create opportunities for public education and dialogue
  • Collaborate with other entities with similar goals





Dear Faith Leader 

As leaders within our community, we think you will agree that it is important that we come together in one voice against racism.  Would you please consider joining us in signing this statement on racism and commitment to follow-up action?


We ask all Clergy to come out on


Thursday June 25, 2020 


Time : 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


Location : Pitt County Court House  on 3rd Street


Of the Signing Of Racism Statement

Racism Statement

Click on  Racism Statement above  to fill out

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