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Welcome to the Interfaith Chaplaincy Membership 

Who we are:  Volunteer Clergy’s who are part of the Interfaith Chaplain program from the community who goes out and assist in emergencies.  Interfaith Clergy’s work with all religions regardless of your religious affiliation.


  1. Purpose of the Interfaith Chaplains is to assist with:
  1. Emergency services
    1. Fires
    2. Police
    3. EMT
    4. Sheriff
  2. Community & Elder program services
  3. Workplace services
  4. Bereavements


Training  fee per person $475.00

ID Card -$20.00

IFC Badge -$125.00

Badge Case- $65.00

Active 911-$15.00 yearly

Gun Carry Premit ( from your county)

Background Check-$26.50

Spiritual Care Association-$50.00- Yearly

Sheiff Association- $25.00 Yearly

Membership- $90.00 due annually

New member First payment - $475.00 

Training materials include:

  1. Must go through a 16 hour basic training
  2. Certificate of completion will be received upon completion of training
  3. Uniform requirements
    1. 2 shirts Long
    2. 1 fleece
    3. 1 Polo Shirt short
    4. 1 wind breaker
    5. Photo Id badge with number 
    6. Badge
    7. Booklet



There are other items which will need to be purchased

Black Safely shoes, black working pant



Please make check Payable to Interfaith clergy


    Contact us
    Interfaith Clergy
    1206 Evans Street
    Suite 25
    Greenville, NC 27834
    252 717-9600